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The RM Williams Australian Bush Learning Centre is located in the Eidsvold township approximately 425 kms northwest of Brisbane and 145kms west of BundaberSignpost Rawbelle Roadg.  The Centre is located on the A3 Burnett Highway at the southern approach to the town.   

The town Eidsvold took its name from Eidsvold Station, which was the name given to the property by the Archer Brothers when they selected it in 1848.  Eidsvold Station was named after a small town, Eidsvoll in Norway.

Sheep were the main source of income and this remained so until a series of droughts in the 1880's, which led to the demise of the native grasses, and spear grass took over, which proved fatal to sheep.  This led to the introduction of cattle to all properties, and today citrus orchards, agriculture, timber and fat and store cattle form the basis of the district's economy.

To Eidsvold belongs the slogan of "Beef Capital of the Burnett", through its long association with the industry, and in 1932 a world record 7,482 head of cattle were sold in one day at the Martin Snelling Saleyards.  Some of the breeds of cattle in the Shire are Santa Gertrudis, Hereford, Brangus and Braham just to name a few.



Gold was being mined in the area as early as 1866, but it was not until 25 July 1887 that the mining warden Mr E F Craven, declared Eidsvold as a goldfield.  This led to the establishment of the town at the foot of Mt Rose, and a typical Australian goldrush town emerged.  By the early 1900's the large payable reefs had petered out, and the town became a quiet country village, which it remains today.

Eidsvold Map